Yeast Drop-Out Mix

Drop-out mix, also called drop-out supplement, is a supplement added to yeast synthetic drop-out medium for auxotropic selection of yeast strains. A typical drop-out medium contains yeast nitrogen base, a carbon source (glucose, galactose, or galactose/raffinose) and a drop-out mix. Selection of yeast strains is determined by choice of drop-out mix. We offer complete selection of yeast drop-out mix. Please also see our selection of yeast nitrogen base, carbon source and yeast synthetic media.

For auxotropic selection of yeast strains

Synthetic complete mix (SCM) contains all following ingredients. A drop-out mix is a SCM missing the appropriate ingredient(s). It should be added to yeast synthetic medium at 2.0 g/L as required. Listed below are commonly used drop-out combinations. Please contact us for your custom drop-out mix needs.

Amino Acid Composition of Synthetic Complete Mix

(Reference: Kaiser et al “Methods in Yeast Genetics”, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 1994 edition)

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Showing 1–12 of 61 results